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A Tale of Liqueurs and Cocktails

Cotswold Cocktail School - HQ

It all began back in 2020 when our founder Jason, decided to chase his passion and launch Liqueurious, a craft tea and coffee liqueur manufacturer based in the Cotswolds. Launching not one but five products gained Liqueurious industry awards across their liqueur range, including Great Taste Awards, Taste of the West and World Liqueur Awards. Distributing in high street stores such as John Lewis to Cotswold farm shops, it become obvious that liqueurs and cocktails were synonymous with each other and the tea and coffee cocktail revolution began. 

Following a chance meeting with Myles from The Mixology Group, Jason decided to enrol on an Accredited European Bartenders course and WSET level 1 in Spirits. Fuelling his thirst for mixology, Jason soon passed the Accredited European Bartenders Course, WSET level 1 in Spirits and also WSET level 2 in Spirits giving the creative mixology foundation to launch Cotswold Cocktail School.  

'It has been a natural evolution from liqueur manufacturer to teaching cocktail fundamentals. Being able to impart this knowledge is like stepping into an alter ego as every participant is able to explore the exciting world of mixology' - Jason

Jason Stephenson, CEO Cotswold cocktail school
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